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Studios Internationalé
Providing growth/operational advisory services
for hospitality/travel
 and digital/tech companies.
From go-to-market strategies, sales & marketing operations,

to guest/customer experience design, to digital transformation, 
we partner with your teams to help amplify what you do. 


About Us
Like you, we are multi-dimensional. Multi-modal.
First, here is our 'business side'.

And below that, more up-close and personal...


   | Up Close.

Pragnesh ["Prag"] has pursued adventure travels on all seven continents, including Antarctica. He is an active, outdoor enthusiast -- active alpine ski instructor, rock & ice climbing, kayaking -- combining his love for adventure with Nature. He is a hobbyist photographer and photo-essay books publisher, sharing and connecting global cultures and places. He believes in fueling the innate curiosity of humans to travel, explore, delve into experiences, story-tell, and connect with others. 


He offers a unique combination of a 'left-brained', analytical business leader and a 'right-brained' creative, artist, designer. While running business P&L's and operations, given his flair and eye for design, twice he led the architectural and interior designs for building out new corporate innovation/incubator workspaces -- one of which one an industrial design award from NAIOP.

His creative side is highlighted on his blog.

Prag has lived in multiple states in USA, as well as somewhat recently in Tokyo, Japan.
He currently lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and their Samoyed snow-dog 'Yuki'. They have one son who is at university in Los Angeles. 



    | Up Close.

Coming soon...
as P.V. has his pencil out, jotting down thoughts...
most likely with a green tea or espresso in hand...


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